NIX Tattoo Fest #14
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The new BodySafe Program, is now in effect as of July 1st. More news and links soon.
BodySafe is Toronto Public Health's inspection and disclosure program for personal services settings (PSS) that provide hairstyling and barbering, tattooing, micropigmentation, ear and body piercing, electrolysis, manicure and pedicure or aesthetics services. Some PSS establishments provide more than one service.
Toronto Public Health, infection control:
As of July 1st, ALL PSS BUSINESSES will need a PSS business licence to operate (and must comply with ALL conditions) by July 1st, 2014. If you can't afford member fees, you can contribute in other ways, get involved! Email us: with help as the subject.
We are NOT the government nor the tattoo police. We are a group that is interested in finding out about new regulations before they happen, informing interested parties and discussing it. We are working with Metro Licensing and Public Health and giving feedback on many of these issues.

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Our Mission is to promote good, clean tattooing. Working with and educating professionals, the public and government about the latest on what is being done by industry and organizations to address concerns of infection control and related issues. And to continue to promote and advance the quality of all aspects of tattoo artistry by assisting in the exchange of ideas and information between individuals and government.


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NIX 15 Tattoo Show is over for another year. Another great show, many thanks to all especially those that actually helped and or supported us in any way at the show or otherwise. A big thank you to and the NIX Tattoo Show itself for contributing to the cause, again. These same issues are relevant to this whole industry and we appreciate the help mgetting the word out! Last we would also like to thank Jacqueline Beach from the APT for helping us at the booth AND for doing a great seminar. She travelled up here, by herself to do that seminar and hang around Toronto and did it at the last moment without getting paid a dime! That's what it takes to be an APT representative!

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